literally wtf the fuck

i love how the balloon one is just like ????

what kind of black magic is this family

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a little girl in the grocery store just asked me if i was a princess because my dress was pretty and i said everyone’s a princess and she pointed to her dad and asked if he was a princess too and her dad said yep its true im a princess and she looked so happy idk it was adorable


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whenever white cooks on tv say “asian” it really pisses me off. what part of asia is your recipe from? malaysia? bhutan? japan? cambodia? y’all know 16 different french sauces but can’t name what kind of chinese/indian food you’re making. 

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"for every hour you spend in class, you should be spending three hours studying" how bout i take a nap instead

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Hi can u pls not wear bindis,its cultural appropriation and disrespectful to desi women



No offence but I will wear a bindi if I want to wear a bindi.

Again, for those who cannot speak Honky, here is a rough translation of this response:

"No offense but since my people ridicule, mock, and shame the women who wear bindis proudly for their culture and religion and get called "dothead" or are told that bindis aren’t for Brown women, I, a pathetic and ignorant white woman, am going to wear this bindi because my ancestors didn’t murder billions of people for nothing. I deserve the right to appropriate cultures because of that. So I’ll wear a god damn bindi if I want to wear a god damn bindi."

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